1- Conventional Portfolios:
Balanced Portfolio: in this type of portfolio 30% of the invested funds is allocated in money market tools acting very defensively against market fluctuations and other 70% is invested in the stock market to achieve a return that could be higher than the risk free rate.
Regional Portfolio: regional portfolios are created through investing in blue chip stocks in all of the regional markets, granting investors a regionally diversified portfolio with different systematic risks; hence diversifying the overall risk of the portfolio.
Traditional Portfolio: provides investors with a variety of stocks in Egyptian stock market in all the active sectors. In this portfolio, 80% is invested in fundamentally safe and sound stocks and 20% is allocated in trading positions seeking a higher and faster return.
2- Islamic Portfolio: this type of portfolio serves investors by investing in a variety of Shari'a Complaint stocks thereby satisfying clients' Islamic investments preference.
3- Tailored Portfolio: meets exactly the clients' special investments needs.